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High Performance Carburetor Upgrade 48cc/66cc/80cc

This High Performance Carburetor is a nice upgrade for your 2 stroke 48cc 66cc and 80cc bicycle engine kit. It includes a Grip Handle Set with Kill Switch, Throttle Cable and Gas Filter. This new carburetor is designed to improve air flow and efficiency with a larger vent intake, breather tubes and the standard red cap air filter. This carburetor also provides complete tuning control as you are able to adjust the choke level, idling and fuel ratio easily.

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Now: $29.95 On Sale
Expansion Chamber Exhaust 66cc/80cc
Was: $59.95
Now: $29.95 On Sale
Magneto - Sparker Wire Loop Set

Magneto - Sparker Wire Loop Set

Was: $14.99
Now: $9.99 On Sale



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