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FMB Silver Slant 80cc Engine Kit w/Red Upgrade CDI Coil

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66/80cc Fast Bike 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit


The Fast Bike 66/80cc engine kit is perfect for those who are on the move. This pedal start engine kit fits on most bicycles with 24” – 26” bicycle frames. The speed ranges from 20 – 40mph and 100 – 150 mpg. To start the engine you simply pedal the bike and release the clutch lever and the engine will start. This engine kit will add about 24lbs to your bike and adding this engine will not take away the function of a regular bicycle.

Product Dimensions

Bicycle engine kit is about 8.5” in height 7” length and 5” width. The bicycle engine kits fits on standard tubes 25mm to 29mm in diameter. Some larger frames either require a ubolt or Tbolt. Installation takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours and can be done with basic tools.

Bicycle Motor Engine Kit Includes

  • 2 Stroke Engine Kit
  • NT Carburetor
  • #415 Heavy Duty Chain
  • Gas Tank – 2 Liter
  • Large Frame Mount Bolt On
  • Fuel Valve
  • Fuel Line
  • Throttle handle and Kill Switch
  • Throttle Cable
  • Exhaust Muffler Pipe
  • Rear Wheel Conversion – Rubber, Brackets, Nuts and Bolts
  • 44 Tooth Chain Sprocket with 9 Holes
  • Chain Tensioner Idler
  • Motor Chain Guard
  • Fuel Filter
  • CDI
  • Magneto
  • Required Hardware and Gaskets
  • Upgraded Bearings
  • Spark Plug
  • Heat Shield Spring
  • Clutch Arm Spring
  • Push Button Clutch Lever
  • Clutch Cable
  • Large Frame Adapter
  • User Manual Online for Download

Gas and Oil Mixture for Fuel Ratio: Use of synthetic oil is recommended

  • When New 16 to 1 gasoline to oil ratio or 8oz oil per gallon gasoline
  • After 2 tanks of break in – 32 to 1 gasoline to oil or 4 oz oil per gallon of gasoline



Operating a motorized bicycle or bicycle engine kit carries a risk of bodily injury. The owner / rider accept full responsibility for any and all vehicle operation that may lead to personal injury, social distress economic loss, other losses or cost and damages. Fast Bike Motors is not responsible for damages resulting in operation of this bicycle engine kit.

Through the years China bike engine factories have always advertised their biggest engine as 80cc therefore we have listed them the same way on our website. However, the bore stroke of an 80cc being 47x38mm only equals 66cc. Therefore there is no such thing as an 80cc bike motor and it truly does not exists and we want to make sure that you are aware of this.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check with their local and state laws regarding the install, use and purchase of this engine kit. This applies to on and off road in your state.



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mike F, 07/13/2015

I'm am extremely pleased with the 2 Fast Bike engines that I installed in the last couple months. As compared to others on eBay, etc., NO COMPARISON... Hands down the best quality craftsmanship I've come across. I started my own company, building and servicing motorized bicycles in Washington state and intend to use Fast Bike Motors in all my builds.. Great job Fast Bike!!

Reviewed by Greg , 01/17/2015

Don't let the low price fool you. This is a great engine kit. I bought this kit for a second bike I put together and it is as good as the kit I bought for my first build, costing almost a hundred dollars more. I highly recommend this kit and will probably buy another for my son.

Reviewed by David S, 12/19/2014

ordered this motor 12/4/14 showed up on the the 9th took me a few days to get the rear hub assembly on my rear tire but i put it on a occ chopper bike was wanting to get it together to ride it was not thinking clearly after i stepped back and looked at it it went together no problem bike is fast and starts 1st time every time very satisfied customer, another thing the throttle was missing the little peg you drill handle bars out for called and no fuss they sent me out a new best customer service i have ever dealt with.

Reviewed by jj , 11/18/2014

this bike is the best thing you will do for your self and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Roger S, 10/25/2014

Fast Bike motors from my experience has been exceptional...
Quality products and fast free delivery is a winning combo...
I've purchased 3 Bike Kits, 2 spark plugs, magneto and coil pack as spare parts so far.
Ive installed 2 Kits and they run great and are a blast to ride.

Reviewed by Roger D, 09/03/2014

I purchased two of the Silver Slant 80 cc engine kits and installed them on Huffy 26 " bikes. Both started right up and ran extremely well, I also purchased an ectra magnedo, Coil and two spark plugs as backups seeing as they were very reasonable priced. I have top admit I think this is one of my best projects so far and both me and my wife just love to ride them. Actually Ive experienced so many neighbors liking the bikes Im going to build another one just to sell completed.

Reviewed by D P, 07/31/2014

Great Motor and fast shipping!

Reviewed by Angel , 07/04/2014

I love that you have this site cause I'm looking into buying into it. Please try it.

Reviewed by cheyfoo , 07/01/2014

Much better deal than bikeberry & same motor kit ! My flying horse from bb is a slow low compression motor!

Reviewed by Nate , 06/02/2014

My kit wad shipped out on a Monday and I recieved it that Friday! Kit took me a few hours to install with the longest part being the rear sprocket.......advice, make sure you take your time with the rear sprocket assembly! I cannot emphasis that enough!
All in all I give the kit and company 4 stars, the kit is great!
Oh, and don't over torque your bolts, they WILL break, my advice is to get all new american steel bolts from the start.

Reviewed by Timbone , 05/15/2014

I bought this kit about 6 months ago and I am loving my result! I built my MB on steel road bike frame w 700c wheels! The engine is a runner! And the rear sprocket was beautiful and true. After some initial hurdles, I am rolling all over, even riding 12 miles to and from work most days. I have been caught in the rain a few times, too, and worried I might have electrical problems. Nope! This thing goes. You must have mechanical skill as this thing requires almost constant maintenance. But it is fun, cool, and very economical to run. I will probably buy the same kit when I build my next motorbike - and it will be BADASS!

Reviewed by pps r, 04/28/2014

I purchased an 8occ and it was truly an 80cc engine the piston is much larger than a66cc piston thank you

Reviewed by tony , 04/25/2014

i probally have bought 15 bike motor kits online u cant beat the quality and price here!! i recomend this deffinetly

Reviewed by Karl S, 03/31/2014

Goes about 25mph. For the price, a great deal but the clutch lever broke under very little force. We are currently talking to the company to see if we can get a new one.

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